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Review From Google  |  2/14/17

This place is great. TV’s everywhere, music playing, ppl laughing, great food & ice cold draft beer. Check out their web page for daily specials.

-Teresa H.

Review From Google  |  5/27/17

I Had Ms. Marie She Was Very Professional. Exceptional Service. She Was Probably The Best Server I Ever Had And I Go Out To Eat Alot. She’s Very Sweet She Makes You Feel Like You’re With Family, But Better! I’m Definitely Asking For Her Again! Thank You.

-Dorion J.

Review From Google  |  6/2/17

Great environment! Lovely waitress/waiters! Awesome bartender! The wings are my favorite! Great place to get out the heat and grab a bite to eat!


Review From Google  |  3/5/17

I love this place! It’s right across the street from my office and it’s good! i’ve been here at least 5 times now and it’s been consistent. The waitress is very friendly and provides great service! I would advise giving them a try. It surprises me that its not busier during lunch.


Review From Yelp  |  12/27/16

I have been meaning to leave a review here for awhile now. This place is great. Haven’t had a bad experience yet. This is my boyfriend and i go to place for wings. The boneless wings are the best i’ve had thus far over any place i’v ever gotten wings at. Beer is ice cold and football on all the tvs everywhere.

-Catherine T.

Review From Yelp  |  5/5/17

It was my first time this evening. I had seen the resturant but never tried it before. I am glad I did! The food was good and you get a lot for the price. They have specials everyday on Fridays it’s $2 Margaritas and they are a full size cup. Will definitely be going back. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must try place. The staff is so nice also our waitress made sure to check up on us. I like how they have a lot of tvs everywhere. A good spot to watch sports for sure.

-Angelica T.

Review From Yelp  |  12/9/17

First time here. Blue Moon on tap for pitchers, so we were off to a good start. We usually fry up our own wings at home so the level needed to be high and they did not disappoint. We got the mango habanero, parmesan garlic and gold fever wings. Great Flavors. Overall very satisfied. Better than other wing shops in Houston. We’ll be back.

-John W.

Review From Yelp  |  4/6/17

Got boneless wings for my wife and normal ones for myself. Both were crispy and had a good portion of sauce. Shared a baked potato and that had a great flavor to it. Great atmosphere as well. This is definitely going to be a normal hangout spot.

-Arturo V.

Review From Yelp  |  2/4/17

I have been here several times for the 2 for Tuesday wing feast. While their sauce selection is limited, the wings appear larger than B-Dubs and with the BOGO, the price comes out cheaper. I usually have the hot buffalo-style, Chipotle bbq, honey bbq, spicy bbq, and a couple of other random flavors. The wings tend to be saucy as they really pile it on some times, but I really like the flavors. The one thing I do not like is that they do not have coleslaw. When I eat spicy wings, I like to “cool” my mouth with creamy coleslaw instead of the standard ranch or blue cheese. Sorry, but spicy bbq or Korean Zing and ranch do not go together! Service has always been friendly, and this place is not nearly as crowded at lunch as B-Dubs on Tuesday. I like their waffle fries, but I have not ventured further yet as I usually come on Tuesdays for the wing feast.

-John R.

Review From Yelp  |  1/15/17

This place is awesome! The service was great and the food was good. Dupster fries 4/5- large portion, good price. It will fill you up. Honey BBQ wings- 4/5 crispy and good. Mango habanera 3/5- was okay. Can’t put my finger on the taste nor remember but it wasn’t bad. Onion rings 4/5- also large portion and also good! Margarita 3.5/5- Not bad, they don’t skimp on the alcohol!! No sire and $2 on Friday’s! Yesssss. Tachos 3.5/5- tutor tots with chili cheese and I added pulled pork for an extra $2. Was pretty good however I got it to go so I don’t think it was to its full potential. Probably wouldn’t get again but worth trying. Boneless wings 3.5/5- Not saucy enough, not drenched in sauce but the wings were good. I ordered the honey BBQ and mango habenero. Once again this was ordered to go so it didn’t taste very good but I think if it was in store it would taste better.

-Rose L.